This World is the Tip of the Iceberg
Monday, October 1, 2007 at 05:21PM
Dennis Young in Energy Medicine, Living from Source

This world of stuff and form is the tip of a very large, non-stuff and non-form iceberg. This physical world is the leading edge, the crust, of an infinitely large world of energy and intelligence.

Energy and intelligence are two aspects of the same thing, namely the non-physical universe that exists deep within the physical one.

All matter is composed of energy, and the world is structured layers of energy.  The energy contains the "knowing" that "structures" and becomes the world.  We can think of the world as patterns of energy, interacting with each other in infinitely rich ways, becoming all the things we sense and feel and know, and yet still existing as pure energy, deep inside the stuff itself.

Quantum energy becomes subatomic energy becomes atoms becomes molecules becomes subtle structures becomes gross structures and forms (the world of stuff). And even though it "becomes" these things, it remains unchanged in itself.

Mind, our mind, is the subtle energy, the bridge, the "gateway" between the formless and the formed.

Energy --> Mind --> Form

Energy flows through mind to become form.

The world is intelligent on every level, and aligned and conforming on every level. As above, so below.

The deeper levels of energy within the atom are the source of all form in the same way that DNA is the source of all the physical growth and form of our body.

Everything that a tree is, is contained within the seed, and everything that the world is, is contained within the deepest substrates of energy.

Everything in and of the world flows from the deepest quantum energy levels outward to become atoms and molecules and "stuff."  This flow is continuous, the world is being created from deep inside everything into outward form.

The world is entirely made of energy, constantly flowing into form. Form is a perceptual reality, an "interpretation" of energy.

Our life, and all life, flows from within us to become the outer "us."  We are perpetually re -created from within. Energy becomes mind becomes cells becomes tissues becomes body -- ceaselessly.

The "world as we know it," is newly coming into being, in this moment that we call "the present." Mind, in that it directs the flow of energy, creates and upholds the world on an ongoing basis.

We think the world is "here" and that it is "aging." Not so. The world is repeatedly re-created, over and over again. The world "refreshes" and rebuilds itself ceaselessly, from the deepest levels of matter to the outer shell of form.

The world of ten minutes from now really doesn't exist, not yet, at least not as form. It is still energy, still formless. We are conceiving it and flowing it and bringing it into being as we think and feel and flow energy from inside to outside. In this sense, we are continuously summoning the world forth, all of us, collectively. It is all of our minds that bring this world into being as we flow the energy from deep inside into the "world" of form.  Mind directs the flow. The way mind "tunes" the flow is what gives rise to the particular "form" that comes into being.

The world is being created over and over again in each moment. By us. By all beings.

When we change our minds, we create the world differently, newly. We are the creators in that we direct the flow of energy and we direct what comes into being. On a simple, everyday level of thought and action this is true, but it's also true in a more metaphysical way since we give rise to and uphold the existence of the world through our consciousness.

My work has to do with supporting the experience that anything we can conceive can be. It is our conception that summons it forth. Whether we understand this in a conventional, strategic way (we know that if we imagine and plan and work and act then we can achieve), or in an unconventional, "spiritual" way (we come to see that by working with mind we can literally do all things directly, that even miracles are possible), all of my work has to do with helping people understand how to harness the power of their own minds on every level to create the reality they have come to want for themselves.

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