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    Understanding Energy Medicine, An Introduction

    work in progress

    When we see a boat on the water, we think in terms of wind and wet when in truth what we're really looking at is energy manifesting as different forms of matter, combining and interacting in very consistent ways and producing the experience of a sailboat moving on the water.

    Sailing is energy at play. Gravity, friction, surface tension all interact, along with a myriad of other forces, to produce the experience of a boat on the water. At the molecular level where the wood of the boat meets the water, there is no "water" or "wood", there's electrical surface tension and friction, and where the wind meets the sail, again, there is movement (of the wind) and resistance (of the sail). What holds the boat together, and allows the boat to stay afloat, the interaction between wood and nails and glue and wind and rope and rigging and tar and water is at it's heart, electrical -- molecules of air and molecules of fabric and molecules of wood and molecules of water and so on. And molecules are little bundles of energy that follow natural laws and interact with one another in very specific ways. At the molecular level, there is no wet or dry, there are only different energy states attracting or resisting one another. The scene may look like wind and wood and water, but it's all vectors of energy at work. What appears to be stuff is really energy become matter becoming motion.

    Now think about the scene in a different way:  there is a form of intelligence, an orderly and systematic unfolding, a "knowing" at work here too. Nature knows what to do  -- the water knows what to do, the boat knows what to do, the wind and sails know what to do, the ropes know what part to play, and hopefully the sailor does, too. We can argue as to the degree of consciousness in each of the inanimate parts, but the fact is that the water displays an intelligence that is profoundly sophisticated in it's scope, as do all the other players. And when all the different parts come together and do their respective jobs well, the result is an enjoyable voyage across the water.

    We take it for granted -- how water knows how to be water -- after all, water is just inanimate bits of hydrogen and oxygen, right? So where does the "knowing" live, where does the "wetness" abide? Deep in the nature of water itself. The knowing of how to be water is built into the water itself, in the energy characteristics of the molecules themselves. Water knows it's "job" and does it perfectly, as do wood and wind and everything else. There is an intelligence built into each part of the system -- each part seeming to know effortlessly how to work in relation to the another. Nature knows what it is doing -- deeply -- there is an intelligence built into the energy, built into the matter itself.

    More on this later, but intelligence and energy, in this sense, could be seen as two sides of one coin.

    So how does all of this relate to our health and well-being? Well, the good news is that like the sailboat, when it comes to our physical bodies and our health and well being,  there much more to us than meets the eye as well. We may see and touch and feel flesh, but what we see and touch and feel with our senses is a small part of who we really are. We are much more energy and spirit than flesh and blood, in every sense.

    Our bodies, like the wind, like the waves, are energy in motion. Energy following eternal laws, swirling, flowing, manifesting (through our mind and senses) as a human body.

    We are much more energy and electricity than stuff. We already understand this in terms of EKGs or EEGs or what Asian medicine calls chi or Yoga calls prana or what fringe or alternative medicines call bioelectrics. But there is so much more.

    The energy that we are made of is pure intelligence in wave form. On the deeper levels of being, the matter we are made of is highly organized, infinitely brilliant, sequenced and  orchestrated energy pulses -- we are more energy and vibration than stuff and matter and that energy and vibration is highly intelligent in itself.

    Energy Medicines or Vibrational Medicines (disciplines like Qigong, Acupuncture, Homeopathics, Yuen Method, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Applied Kinesiology, Herbal Medicines, Ayurveda,Yoga and a host of others) are an attempt to sense and influence this energetic level of our being directly. These disciplines are way to support our mind and body at the deepest substrates of our physical being, at the source level, at the level where all of our health "intelligence" resides.

    As we will see, most of what are called "spiritual" healing or "faith" healing methodologies and effects are also understandable using this model. What the ancients called spirit we now call deeper, subtler levels of energy.

    The words we use don't really matter, but understanding the deeper intelligence and deeper workings of our body/mind does.

    Working with the body or mind at the chemical or physical level is crude and limited compared to what is possible when we begin to understand the body/mind as an intelligent energy system, a sophisticated "computer." When we understand matter as energy and energy as information, we begin to unlock the deep "magic" that gives rise to our experience.

    The idea is that working with someone on the level of their "energy" is deeper and more powerful and more far reaching than working on the level of chemistry or tissue or physical organs. It is an attempt to interact with our mind-body system on the command and control level, rather than on the symptomatic or "effect" level.

    The idea is that we're fundamentally energy beings, not physical beings.

    We think of rocks as being hard and water as being wet, but when you examine matter on deeper levels, on the molecular level, for instance, there isn’t any “hardness” or “wetness.” The attributes that things have on the level of our senses simply don’t exist on deeper levels . Water isn’t wet at the molecular level. It isn’t even “stuff.” It is mostly energy. At the deeper levels of all things material, we find abstract bundles of energy and charge interacting with one another in an infinitely deep and complex way.

    Deep within matter we find chemistry, and deep within chemistry we find electric charges – energy. Matter is essentially energy, vibrating at speeds faster than we can imagine. It just looks solid. Energy is at the heart of it all. Matter, stuff, things, exists only because of the energy within that structures and sustains it and gives it properties. And all of that energy gives off energy that influences and interacts with everything else.

    Energy is resonance, waves, pulsation, vibration. At the heart of who we are, there are no "things," just rhythm, movement, waves, resonance – energy pulsing and dancing in an incomprehensibly sophisticated and highly organized way.

    We are a wave function as much as we are chunks of stuff. We are of the nature of light, and sound, and we have a vibrational bandwidth as much as we have a height and weight.

    And our energy gives off energy. On many many levels -- we give off heat, and pulses of light (We do. Our tissues emit photons -- beams of light.1 You can't see them, they are too few to register visually, but they are there.) Our heartbeat sends out a pulse of energy that can be felt and detected several feet away. It is felt and responded to at unconscious levels by the hearts of others. Our bodies have an electromagnetic halo or shell that extends outward from our physical presence, as well. And at the deepest  levels of our physical being, what we can loosely call the subatomic and quantum levels, we continuously emit a whole host of resonant signals that propagate over great distances.

    You cannot do or think or feel or *be* anything without transmitting a whole host of electronic messages that correspond precisely to how you moved, thought, felt, "were" on an ongoing basis. We send out a constant electronic record of who and what we are and are becoming. Every organ, every cell, every molecule has electrical, electronic and quantum properties and resonates and sends messages. We are transmitters of electronic and quantum messages and receivers of electronic and quantum messages. Some of these messages coordinate internal processes, some of them communicate to others, some influence and interact with the environment.

    We do well to begin to understand ourselves as bioelectric and quantum computers, networked as part of larger bioelectric and quantum computers (families, communities, societies, regions, world-at-large, divide it up any way you want to.) We are an energy system that exists co-creatively, and as part of, and within, other energy systems. We are integrated, linked, networked, on-line, part of all-that-is, every moment of our lives. We are influencing and deeply influenced continuously on every level at all times. We can learn to make better use of this. We can begin to understand the real energetic connections that link us and support us, and learn how to make better use of them.

    In the same way that our physical organ systems are arrayed and organized in a complex and richly structured way, the energy systems that support and sustain (and give rise to) these physical systems are also organized in a highly intelligent and correspondingly structured way. The energy systems that support our physical being respond to energetic interventions in the same way that our physical systems respond to medication. This is how acupuncture or homeopathic medicines work. And why Yoga and Qigong are so beneficial to our overall health and well being. These "vibrational" energy "medicines" support the harmonious functioning of our energy systems, and in turn, support the well being of our physical systems.

    What is called Energy Work or Energy Practice is a direct acknowledgment of and a direct utilization of this aspect of reality. It's nothing new, really. Every culture has had it's "spiritual" or "energy" healing methodologies. This is just a new way to think about them and to understand them, and perhaps, make better use of them. (more to come...)


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