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    Health is Our Natural State of Being

    Health is our natural state -- we are healthy by default. When we're less than fully healthy, it just means there's something going on that disallows or blocks that natural state of well-being. Something is interfering with our flow of health and needs to be corrected.

    Our bodies evolved over billions of years to be self-correcting and self-healing and to perfom well under very stressful and  very difficult conditions. Even when we're very ill, there are always many more things our body is doing well than it is not doing well. And the body works continuously, 24/7, keeping well -- always doing it's best to get back to full and complete health.

    This is an important thing to remember -- that the body is always either well or working hard to get back to wellness. Sometimes we can get the impression from information in the media that sickness or poor health is normal or likely or inevitable -- that health is the exception and disease is the norm. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Health is the norm, and illness is the exception. And even when we are ill, our bodies are doing their best to get back to normal. The human body is self-healing.

    Our role, and the role of  our "health providers" is to support our natural return to health and well being. Doctors don't heal, practitioners don't "provide" health. The body is naturally healthy, all on it's own. The body heals itself. Doctors and nurses and all other practitioners can help with the healing, but that's the extent of their role. They're helpers, not healers.

    You are the healer. It is you that heals, that stays healthy.

    One of the most important part of staying healthy or getting healthy is being relaxed and comfortable and happy. Anything you can do to promote comfort and well being is going to help your body stay well or heal. Distress or emotional upset interferes with wellness and it interferes with healing.

    Think of something frightening and you can feel the change in your body. It isn't a change for the better. Think of something soothing or wonderful, and you can feel your physical  state improve. It's just common sense.

    Frightening people or worrying people about their health is not part of helping them to stay healthy. Sometimes practitioners or advertisers tell disturbing stories to encourage people to seek or continue in treatment, but striking fear into someone doesn't feel good and it isn't going to help someone heal. Better to encourage people, to remind them of the amazing healing abilities of their own body. And to support that healing with love and encouraging words.

    Love is always part of healing, and love can be expressed in many forms. Sometimes love comes in the form of surgery or medicine or uncomfortable medical treatment. But it should always feel like love. Unwell people need to feel loved and supported, not worried or frightened.

    Encouragement is the best universal medicine. Apply it liberally, many times a day.


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