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    Release of Stress

    We can define stress as a maladaptive (failed-to-keep-up) response to evolving situations in the world.

    Life, the world isn't "stressful;" there is no "stress" in the world. All of our stress lies in our response to the world.

    Some people are "stressed" by air travel. Some people love it. Some people are "stressed" by money problems. Others take them in stride.

    Obviously, it's in anyone's best interest to get themselves to a place where they don't experience normal life situations or problems as "stressful."

    It is possible to do that. There are a lot of people who manage to function in what others would consider highly stressful situations. They are able to take challenges or difficulties in stride -- usually because they've trained themselves and practiced to be able to do that.

    Other people crumble when confronted with the slightest problem.

    If you'd like to someone who takes things in stride, here's a some ideas to begin to explore:

    1. Stress-proof people expect life to be challenging. They don't think something's wrong when things go wrong.

    2. Stress-proof people don't magnify difficultes to try to get attention. They actually minimize difficultes so as not to become emotionally overwhelmed. They keep the drama and the complaining to a minimum. They don't feel sorry for themselves.

    3. Stress-proof people are willing to let the situation be as it is. They are willing to feel whatever it is they feel, and think whatever they think, and not resist it.

    4. They don't have an urgency about them. They aren't in a hurry to fix things. Since they don't think things are wrong, they don't think they need to make them right. They just see a situation that needs attention and managing, and they know it will take as long as it takes, and that hurrying will only slow things down.

    5. They don't take things personally. They understand that it takes a world to make a situation, and that what's happening around them was caused by a multitude of factors, and that solutions may require a multitude of participants, too.



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