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    Replacement thoughts

    Replacement thoughts from the book "The Now Habit" by Neil Fiore

    Replace “I have to” with “I choose to.”

    Replace “I must finish” with “When can I start?”

    Replace “This project is so big and important” with “I can take one small step."

    Replace “I must be perfect” with “I can be perfectly human.”

    Replace “I don’t have time to play” with “I must take time to play."


    and a few more from yours truly:

    Replace "I can't" with "I haven't thus far" and then with "I suppose I could if I wanted to..."

    Replace "It shouldn't be this way..." with "It is this way -- now what do we do about it?"

    Replace "He, she or they should..." with "Never mind what they should do -- what should I do?"

    Replace "I need..." with "I want..." and "I want..." with "I'd prefer..."

    Replace "My fault" with "My mistake" and then with "My opportunity..."

    Replace "I'm worried" or "I'm afraid" with "I'm sure it will work out."


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