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    No one needs to be wrong for you to be right.

    Rodney King said it perfectly: "People, people, people -- can't we all just get along?"

    Most days, the answer seems to be "no."

    It's natural to differ.

    Nature seems to mostly go in the direction of conflict. It's a drive toward more, different and better.

    Isn't that what evolution is all about?

    The nature of life seems to be to differentiate, to compete and so to improve. And differences and conflicts are the way that happens. Conflict is built into the system -- it's what gives rise to progress.

    Everyone is right and everyone is wrong, depending on your perspective. Life is a test kitchen where we try out new recipes, new points of view.

    All perspectives are valid. All perspectives are temporary and the best perspective always prevails. That's why life only gets better in the long haul. That's not metaphysics, or pollyanna-ism. It's science, it's natural selection, it's evolution.

    The arc of life tends toward the good. And it's always a bumpy ride getting there. Make peace with that. It's a better perspective.

    Peace can be one of two things: relative peace, or temporary reconciliation of differences, and absolute, unconditional peace, which is the perspective that the differences are not a problem, they're part of the solution.

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