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    A big part of what I do with clients is encourage them to deepen their sense of trust, both in themselves and the world around them.

    Trust isn't something that "happens." It's something we do. Trusting is like crossing a stream by finding stepping stones. Trusting appropriately and well is finding the right footholds. It takes discipline, focus, insight, and practice.

    Deepening our capacity to trust is what brings together, integrates and aligns our different sides: body/mind, heart/intellect, self/other, self/community. Trust allows all of the disparate parts of a person to work together. It makes us more resilient.

    It's also what makes the different parts of a community or society work together. Trust is the basis of any successful partnership. It makes teamwork possible and empowers cooperative enterprise. Trust forms the basis of the economic system, the social fabric, government and even religion.

    And all trust begins with learning (or re-learning) to trust oneself.

    By the way, your "self" in this sense means your self-idea, your self-concept, who you think you are. Do you feel you can rely on yourself? Or are you fault-finding? Do you expect good things of yourself? Or are you too self-critical?

    Build trust in yourself and your ability to find your way through life. Build trust in your world -- know that the world has the resources and the capacity to support who you are.


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