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    Releasing unpleasant feelings

    Whenever unwanted sensations or feelings show up in the body, the common reaction is to resist them, usually by tensing or "pushing" against them.

    This makes things worse. Think of the feelings as transient displays of energy moving through you. The energy wants to flow, to leave, to dissipate. When we push against it we actually end up holding it in place and intensifying it, feeding it power.

    The key is to do the opposite thing, the counter intuitive thing: relax and welcome and allow the feeling. Welcome it, release it. Allow it to flow, to move, to leave.

    By relaxing and being welcoming in the presence of the unwanted state, we release it, we let it go.

    We welcome the feeling, and make room for it.

    We "allow" it to be there and it dissolves, it leaves.

    We let go of the need to "fix" it or get rid of it and we release it.

    And try not to take the feeling personally. It's just energy moving through our system. If we relax and allow it to be there, iit will go, and we will be restored to comfort and sanity.

    When you open yourself up to a feeling of tension or discomfort, and relax around it, it releases and dissolves automatically. The way you know that this has happened is that you feel an immediate ease or sense of relief, and in addition your breathing changes. It deepens.

    Sometimes you need to keep releasing something for a while for all of it to clear.

    One more thing, if you find that can't welcome or release something, then just make yourself hold on to it instead. This can break the impasse and allow you to let it go.

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