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    We're aiming first for equal-mindedness (being open, trusting, vulnerable, intimate, "I'm truly good either way") regarding gain or loss, then complete freedom regarding gain or loss.

    Not by being numb or detached or anesthetized, not by faking a mood of equanimity, not through control or discipline, but by allowing loss and gain to move through us the way waves move through the ocean. Total allowing, and where we attach or cling, by releasing.

    Yoga is the cessation of resistance. The end of striving or avoiding. No protection. Vulnerable, open, free. Being beyond attachment or aversion. No clinging to loss or gain or anything.

    Simple. Yet impossible to grasp. Only when we feel it and are it does it make sense. All else is striving.

    When we struggle we are the waves. When we allow we are the ocean.

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