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    Reframing and Redefining: remapping the world

    Techniques for emotional self-management

    Reframing: keep the situation or circumstance the same -- welcome it actually. But shift the context or meaning, the significance of the event so that a more spacious or relaxed feeling is obtained. "I missed my flight. But it's not a problem. I can get another. Better not to add more stress." The meaning is altered, not the event. You relabel the significance so that the situation is stress free. You adapt.

    Redefining: Relabel the event, the content. I didn't miss my flight. It became obvious that I would need to reschedule it.

    Being able to do either is a sign of flexibility of mind. We deliberately construct a different model of the world. We re-frame the picture so as to bring out different elements in it.

    Reframing and redefining are easier if the individual is established in a constructivist perspective, meaning, the person understands that one's personal experience of the world is a constructed reality. Each person selects, assembles and defines their own personal world. No two worlds are exactly the same because no two viewers are exactly the same.

    We use reframing and redefining  to re-map the situation so we can deal with it better.

    Use of these techniques helps one develop the sense that meaning is entirely constructed, plastic. There are no fixed realities. Everything is permitted, and so we aim to choose the frame that feels least resistant. And two things ensue: we feel better and enjoy more, and we become more adaptive and get better results.
    Have fun!

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