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    One amazing thing...

    I came across this in a forgotten file folder this morning. I had started to write it and lost track of it ... 

    not a tree can count his leaves
    each herself by opening
    but shining who by thousands mean
    only one amazing thing

    --e.e. cummings

    Do trees know how many leaves they have? In the human sense of knowing, probably not; in the tree sense of knowing, almost certainly. No leaf is forgotten; all are tended to appropriately. Each leaf receives its share of nourishment and is properly positioned to receive the optimal amount of sunlight. Something in the tree understands it's situation, and "cares about" and takes good care of itself. Some might argue the tree is a sort of accidentally successful machine, that function and mechanism isn't intelligence -- that there is no "knowing" to speak of in life at that level, certainly no consciousness.

    But there is always "knowing" and intelligence at the heart of any function or intelligence. A wristwatch is the display, the evidence, of the intelligence of the watchmaker. The ocean is the display the evidence, of the accumulated wisdom of Nature and of Earth, garnered through billions of years of learning, of evolution.

    Something in the tree knows where to find the water and the nutrients in the soil, and how to make use of them, and something knows how to orient to find the most light for the most leaves. The tree is alive, and making choices, and responding to stimuli, and living it's life and it's purpose, the same as we are. There is some mechanism of intelligence, or knowing, that guides and sustains the tree's growth. It may not be capable of speech or even thought, but there is a perfect, unerring knowing in the tree that human beings might well wish they had.

    We simply deal with different things than trees do. Trees transform light into sugars and covert CO2 to C and O2, among the million other things they do. We turn food and water and air and experiences into ideas, among other things.

    There is knowing at the heart of Nature -- it's in the energy that forms the basis of everything. The same knowing is at the heart of us. It is most properly, our essence, who we are.

    The essential unit of information, of "knowing", of Nature is a difference, a this vs that. Distance (space) and duration (time) are differences, nothing more. They are two measures of the same thing: the expansion of the knowing, of the energy that is at the basis of life itself.

    Energy is a difference; it is the display of difference. It is also the manifest flow of knowing, and also preference. It is life, it is tree, it is us and all we are becoming.

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