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    A bitter person...

    A bitter person can speak only of bitterness; the happy person speaks only of happiness.

    The happiness, the bitterness and the view of the world that renders each feeling -- each lies only in the individual themselves. Neither pain nor relief is found in the world. Each individual may attribute their feelings to the world, but it is their perspective that renders their feelings, not the world.

    There may be dozens of people sitting together in the movie theatre but they each see their own movie; dozens of variations on the very same film.

    Each sees a world that fits their mood and each considers their world to be the true world.

    There is only one world. It is indivisible. But it is made of an infinite number of perspectives, constantly evolving, and each perspective grants only a tiny, imperfect view.

    The world you know is not the world. The world you know is your story of the world. When your story changes, you will see and feel a different world.

    Your story of the world is neither true nor false; it's just your story, and it's only for now.

    In truth, the world, "what is," is always beyond description, beyond words, beyond categories, simple or complex. The world cannot be described, cannot be spoken. "What is" cannot be put into thoughts or words.

    What is true cannot be spoken; what is spoken cannot be true, except in a relative sense.

    So what is the point of all of this? As my mother would say, "if you sing before breakfast you'll cry before supper," meaning, make room for the ups and downs, the wins and losses, the successes and failures, the ease and the heartache. All of these can be found in this world, but the world is none of these.

    My world and welcome to it.

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