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    Many of the things we do to relieve anxiety in the long run only serve to make us more anxious. Worrying about having an anxiety attack actually increases the likelihood of having one.

    Anxious feelings stem from a perception of vulnerability. But feeling vulnerable is a natural part of being human. We need to accept that before we can expect to get our anxious feelings under control.

    The only true relief is to learn how to be willing to be anxious, to learn how to allow yourself to be anxious in a context of deliberate acceptance and allowing, to learn to be willing feel your feelings without remedy.

    Accepting one's limitations, accepting one's vulnerabiity allows us to relax and find peace in this world.

    Then, and only then will you begin to be free of those anxious feelings.

    In this sense, anxiety is nothing more than resistance to our own sense of vulnerability.

    To live as a person is to be fragile, vulnerable. To be human is to be uncertain, limited, open to loss or hardship. This is abhyasa, willingness to practice, willingness to live as a finite being.

    Life is good, even though we can't control all aspects of it. Learn to trust that.

    In relaxing and and trusting the fundamental goodness of life as a whole, we become reconciled to the natural flow of loss and gain and then and only then achieve equanimity, vairagya, the freedom and peace of full perspective.

    Don't try to overcome or fix the vulnerabilities of your human condition. Accept and embrace them completely as natural and appropriate. Embrace your vulnerabilities, your anxieties and limitations as friends, as evidence of your humanity, and let them be.

    This is the beginning of the practice of ahimsa, non conflict. All else is some form of violence, and will only serve to breed more conflict.

    All is evolving as it should. There is nothing wrong.

    To know this deeply is the remedy to all suffering, all anxiety.

    **If you're interested in more on Ahimsa, non-adverserial-ness, take a look at the article called "Yama" filed under Yoga on the left margin.

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