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    How to network successfully

    Here's what I think about networking: We're all already connected, we're already part of a network. We're all members of many communities: big communities like people who pay taxes, and small communities, like fans of Frankie Beverly.

    This is your starting point. You're already part of lots and lots of interlocking networks. Networking is owning it, making use of it, getting some benefit from it. Networking is making use of the communities you already belong to, and signing up for new communities with those with whom you have an affinity.

    Whenever you communicate with people in one of your networks (twitter, facebook, the corner store, people on the street, Starbucks addicts), whatever, you ACTIVATE a relationship and a network that already exists. You tap into a resource that's always been there for you.

    Acknowledge someone, ask a question, share something, invite someone and the channel opens up. Ask for an email and the channel stays open. Get open, get friendly, stay open, stay friendly.

    Networking is utilizing the common bond that already exists between you and everyone else on the planet, one link at a time. It's your birthright.

    Need a job? Need a place to live? Need a friend? Need information? There are tons of online networks,,,,, -- tune in, drop in, participate! And there are tons of face to face networking opportunities, everywhere you go. Make it a point to get in the habit of NOT being anonymous. Smile, say hi, acknowledge, share, ask questions... see what happens.


    Here's a link to a great blog article on networking:

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