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    Life is what's going on right now; the rest is just stories

    You've heard it said before:

    It's all about the journey.
    All we have is what we have in this moment.
    It's the little things that count.
    Whatever you're worried about, it isn't happening right now.

    Your life is whatever is happening right now. Not "these days;" -->this minute<--. The rest is stories -- memories or fantasies. Life is what is real -- right here, right now. Stories are never real -- they're always somewhere else, some other time.

    Your actual real life occurs in all of the ordinary moments throughout the day: brushing your teeth, waiting for the bus, laughing with friends, getting your work done.

    Enjoying your life means enjoying all of these ordinary everyday moments. It doesn't mean arranging things to be able to have "special moments," and "good times," although those can be fun, too. 99% of your life is going to be ordinary, no matter who or what you are, and the only thing that matters is this: are you enjoying each of these ordinary moments? Or are you putting up with them, getting through them, suffering with them, on the way to "good times" or "goals?"

    Simply stated, your life is nothing more than a succession of very precious and very ordinary moments, so welcome and embrace and savor each moment as if it were the only one. Start enjoying yourself more.

    Here's some ideas that may help you "get more out of life:":

    1. Slow down. This doesn't necessary mean go slowly, although it might be good to do that too. It means don't hurry through anything. Every moment is precious, a gift. Go only as fast as you can go and still savor each moment. Like Warren Haynes said when asked about soloing on the guitar: "Try playing just one note at a time."

    2. Stop resisting. Stop trying to control or manage or fix everything. Begin by letting things be. Play your part, and only your part, in every situation, and let things evolve around you. Work WITH situations, not ON situations.

    3. Focus first on the positive, what's good in every situation, before beginning to focus on what's missing or lacking or wanted or needed in every situation. Focus on what's wrong as little as possible, and only from the point of view of how-to-make-it-better. Try not to criticize or complain. Praise and appreciate.

    4. Think less, feel more. Get out of the words and arguments and into the sensations and non-verbal experiences. See, hear, taste, touch, feel.

    5. Learn what trust means. Learn what openness means. Learn what harmony means. Learn what respect means. Learn what mutuality means. Learn what freedom means.

    6. See everything as apples and oranges. See every situation as unique. Let go of the idea of worse and focus more on better.

    7. Find ways to smile, laugh, love and be happy. Regardless of the circumstances.

    Almost all the pain in life is in focusing on the past or the future. There is very little that is wrong or painful in any present moment. Suffering is always a habit of resisting and trying to dodge the present moment, an unwillingness to let be what is.

    Let life be. Let people be. Let yourself be. Let your thoughts and feelings be. Let your struggles be. Start there, and then watch how life goes on, how it evolves, with you and your growing awareness being an integral part of that evolving.

    Understand that when it comes to life, you're not doing it. It is doing you. We're all passengers (sometimes Bozos) on this bus.

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