Eight Limbs? How about Four Legs?
Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 03:43PM
Dennis Young

Thanks again to everyone who attended last Thursday's class. It was great to be together again after our long break and to find we hadn't lost any of our momentum. People continue to have great experiences with the Yoga meditation, and that of course makes me very happy.

Even more gratifying is the fact that we have a great group of people coming together to explore the full practice of Yoga and Meditation.

We're learning to expand and deepen our practice of Yoga and take it more fully into our daily lives. We're learning to live "namaste," not just say it.

In its simplest sense, Yoga means getting all four parts of us: body, mind, heart and behavior, to work together for the common good. When all four parts of us are together in harmony, we're a better person, more who we always wanted to be.

That's why there are four main branches of Yoga: the Yoga of Understanding (Jnana), the Yoga of Feeling (Bhakti), the Yoga of Action (Karma Yoga) and most importantly, Raja Yoga, the Yoga of Formal Practice -- the formal Yoga we do together in the studio when we meditate together or practice Vinyasa.

The four branches of Yoga: Jnana, Bhakti, Karma and Raja, are like the four legs of a table. All four legs work together to provide full support.

And when we have that support and all parts of us, our beliefs and understanding, our motivations and behavior, align to support our intentions, life flows effortlessly with the full support of Nature. This is the basic promise of Yoga.

Our weekly Thursday Night Meditation Classes were thus designed with a two-fold purpose: to support a broader and deeper understanding of the full practice of Yoga -- body, heart, mind and behavior -- and to also support a deeper practice and understanding of meditation in the Yoga tradition.

We've taken out all the mysticism and fluff and replaced it with common sense language and understanding to support all levels of practice. Everything we discuss is practical and immediately applicable to your present situation.

Each session includes instruction and practice in Yoga Meditation, including two 15 minute group meditations.

If you're new to this, traditional Yoga Meditation, unlike other practices of meditation, is easy and refreshing, leaving you relaxed and inspired, and the instruction you'll receive will give you all the tools you'll need to continue to meditate successfully at home.

This week we'll continue the adventure with more discussion of the meaning of energy attunement in Asana and Meditation practice.

On a personal note, I feel very fortunate that our collective intentions have attracted and drawn together such a wonderful group of people, a true satsang in the Yoga tradition, a wonderful group of caring people who have and opportunity to enjoy and benefit from one another's company and support.

Thank you all.

All are welcome. And more good news: We have added new Backjack Meditation Seats to help make the experience even more comfortable and rewarding.

Feel free to share this with anyone who you think might be interested in attending.

Date: Every Thursday evening from 7:30pm-9pm; Place: Firefly Yoga, 311 Washington St, Westwood, MA; Cost: $17

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