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    The Five Core Concepts at the Heart of Yoga

    Our theme for our Thursday sessions at Firefly Westwood this Fall will be:

    Yoga in Life: Living in peace and harmony with self and others.

    Last week we introduced what We are calling:

    “The Five Core Concepts of Yoga:”

    1. Non-forcing; Cooperation
    2. Loving What Is
    3. Respect for Differences
    4. Personal Integrity
    5. Mutuality; Sharing

    These values are based on the precepts of Yama, the first limb of Yoga. You could say they are a modern way to understand and practice the full value of the precepts, the full value of Yoga.

    Yoga is a path to freedom and well-being on every level, but Yoga doesn’t happen simply because we move on our mat.

    It happens as we learn what Vinyasa has to teach us: how to be, how to move — first on the mat and then in life — with grace and strength, with ease, balance and flow.

    Finding our center on the mat, finding our “ease and steadiness,” physically and emotionally, teaches to find that same ease, comfort and clarity as we move through everyday life.

    The same is true for Mantra Meditation. Learning to attune to the mantra and to release internal stress and conflict teaches us how to do the same thing in life. Attuning ourselves to life-supporting values in our meditation promotes healing, peace, freedom and well-being, and teaches to attune to life-supporting ways of being in the world, and energetically supports harmony and well-being in the world around us.

    Through formal Yoga practice, Vinyasa and Mantra Meditation, we come to live from a place of harmony, peace, joy and well-being, free from suffering or distress, and not in some far distant future but in small ways, more and more each day. Yoga is incremental. Yoga is cumulative.

    Our practice of Yoga may begin with the physical or meditation practice, but if our practice is to fully take root and realize it’s real potential to fully transform our lives it must extend beyond physical practice to include the attitudes, emotions and behavior we cultivate off the mat.

    We live what we value. Our values become who and what we are, and we share who and what we are in all we do. For example, when we value being “right” we make everyone else “wrong.” When we value argument and force, we live in stress and enmity and fear.

    But when we instead value “us” more than “me” (with “me” included in “us”) we learn to live at peace, in community, in love and in support. When we come to value compromise over conflict we find ways to get along with one another without stress and anxiety. And so on.

    It’s not enough to just pay lip service to these values. They must become part of us, part of who we are or we’re just pretending to practice — saying one thing but doing another.

    Yoga is about peace, it’s about love. It’s about respect for differences, not being right. It’s about compassion and mutuality, forgiveness and support, not complaining or finding fault with others. Yogis don’t complain. Yogis don’t resent. Yogis don’t fight. Yogis don’t have enemies.

    The five core concepts listed above are pointers to the core values of Yoga. They need to be lived. They need to be supported. They need to be practiced. They need to be more than just loosely held beliefs. And that’s never easy in today's world. But with a firm resolve and support of a like-minded community it can be done.

    We practice them first by understanding them and then second by making them our own, committing ourselves to putting them into practice in our everyday life.

    We practice them by choosing them over and over again. In this way they become second nature, they become part of us.

    And to the extent that we live them in the world we set a good example and make the world a better place for all of us.

    Feel free to join us, each and every Thursday evening at 7:30pm. All are welcome

    Firefly Westwood, 311 Washington St, Westwood MA

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