Yoga Sutra Verse of the Week: YS 1.3  Self-Realization
Friday, December 22, 2017 at 02:06PM
Dennis Young

1.3 As a result (of the practice of Yoga) one progressively comes to know, understand and experience one's essential being as pure awareness, knowingness itself -- formless, unbounded and eternal.


Release of resistance within the mindflow (the flow of subjective experience, which includes thinking, understanding, cogitation, feeling and sensory experience, including inner sensation and intention -- in fact anything felt or experienced on a temporary or ongoing basis) results in all aspects and all parts of the person being experienced as flowing and moving and operating in mutuality, harmony and rapport, both within the person and the individual's relationship to the world around them.

As a result, one’s unique nature and way of being is brought forth, strengthened and clarified, and, that nature being a subset of greater Nature, one comes into alignment with all the laws and forces of Nature itself. One’s personal dharma is expressed as a subset of the Universal Dharma. Unity is achieved.

There is resolution instead of conflict, harmony instead of dissonance, insight instead of confusion and peace instead of upset. The alignment of mind and body precipitated by the release of resistance is not a static thing, it is a movement, a flow that exists apart from any conscious or deliberate act on the part of the individual. We are "lived" by the totality of Being rather than "living" as a separate egoic entity. The sense of separateness, of finite and irrevocable personal identity and personal history becomes largely irrelevant, along with the accompanying sense of anxiety and vulnerability.

The gradual and systematic release of resistance allows a natural harmony to take over. Ease and well-being ensue. A sense of connection, interrelatedness, common being comes to the forefront of awareness. One begins to know one's own essential nature as the wakefulness and awareness that underlies and establishes a context for all the activities and movement of mind, body and all events within our experience.

With this, we also begin to understand this essential nature as being fundamentally unbounded and eternal, self-effulgent and untouchable.

Alignment of all aspects of the mindflow creates a channel to Spirit or essential nature, allowing more creative and sustaining energy and intelligence to flow into us and through us into the world. A harmonious mind is not only an effective and comfortable mind; it is an illuminated and enlightened mind. The wisdom and power of Nature itself flows effortlessly into the individual, healing, sustaining, supporting and inspiring them and their purposes in life and in the world.

And thus the person becomes more and more established in his or her own nature, in his or her own personal way of being and as a result is better able to express more and more life sustaining and life supporting conduct and behavior.

In practice, the release of resistance happens episodically at first. The normal everyday pattern of resistance and struggle is interrupted by moments of acceptance and welcoming. This emerging sense of acceptance, of "going with the flow," alternates with periods of the usual confusion, conflict, upset and tension.

This experience, of relative momentary awakening to the easy and natural flow of life, often accompanied by a sense of ease, well being and enjoyment, is experienced as temporary freedom from struggle. It feelslike grace descends for the moment and we are relieved to experience things seeming to go our way.

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YS 1.4 At other times, we remain identified with the mental objects, narratives and apparent entities that are spun out of our resistance to Life.

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