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    Yoga Sutra Quotes from last Saturday's Workshop


    For those who attended, here are the relevant quotes from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Translation is my own.

    4.2 All transitions or transformations from one form of being into another happen naturally; life (and life energy) flows on its own into the next appropriate form.

    4.3 Actions or efforts, meaning assertions, intentional or otherwise, are not what gives rise to attainments or realization, but rather, progress comes into being through the natural removal of obstacles, the same way a farmer removes a barrier (a sluice gate) to naturally allow water to flow and irrigate his field.

    4.4 (In this way) individual body/minds come into being as pure consciousness flows into individual fields of awareness.

    4.5 While the activities of various individual body/minds may be separate and diverse, one conscious awareness is giving rise to and overseeing all (individual) body/minds.



    2.46 One’s overall stance (asana) (both in life and also in the practice of Yoga) should be steady and stable as well as comfortable.

    (sthira sukham asanam) 

    • sthira = steady, stable, motionless 
    • sukham = comfortable, ease filled 
    • asanam = meditation posture (from the root ~as, which means "to sit") 

    2.47 The means of perfecting one’s stance (in life as well as in the practice of Yoga) is that of relaxing or lessening of effort, and allowing one’s attention to merge and coincide with endlessness, with the infinite.

    (prayatna shaithilya ananta samapattibhyam)
    • prayatna = tension or effort (related to trying to do the posture) 
    • shaithilya = by relaxing, loosening, lessening, slackening 
    • ananta = infinite, endlessness 
    • samapattibhyam = by focusing attention on, by coalescence, coincidence, merging 

    2.48 And with this perfected stance (in practice and in life) comes complete freedom from disturbance or suffering due to the contrasting values of opposites (good/bad; hot/cold; pain/pleasure).

    (tatah dvandva anabhighata) 

    • tatah = then, thereby, thence, from that 
    • dvandva = the pairs of opposites, the dualities, dichotomies 
    • anabhighata = unimpeded freedom from suffering, without effect or impact, cessation of disturbance

    2.49 And with that perfected stance (in life and Yoga) being accomplished, and the consequent lessening of effort and struggle, we see the movement of breath naturally becoming more regular. This is a sign of the life energies becoming more expansive, more regulated. (pranayama)

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